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Current modes of transportation are not sustainable and do not match up with rapidly changing consumer preferences. Here are the demands we are meeting:

  • Everyone needs safety.
  • Everyone wants more time.
  • Everyone is conscious of resources.
  • Everyone demands flexibility.
  • Everyone expects to see more new economy jobs.

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Over the last Decade, we’ve built an innovation ecosystem.

We have the unrivaled capacity to make the improbable come to life. We launch technology forward products and begin every product with community-powered, human-centered design. We accomplish this by using the four pillars of our innovation ecosystem below.


A robust web platform of 200,000 members in the global community.


Currently 2+.

Direct Digital MFG

Patents and trade secrets.

Lab Partnerships

Currently 100 and growing.

Meet our rapid product development platform.

Launch Forth’s mission is to change the way people develop products. We unite the world’s largest online community of designers, engineers and technologists to shape the future of industries from mobility and vehicles to even mars and beyond. Launch Forth works with its customers to bring ideas from concept to minimal viable product (MVP) faster than any development platform in history.

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Elevated Mobility Concept: Equalizer T-X4

The Equalizer T-X4 is a concept wheelchair quad bike designed for extreme sports, addressing to all people with different abilities who have an active lifestyle.

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Dominoes DXP

The Domino’s DXP (short for “Delivery eXPert”) is not your average vehicle. In fact, it is the first vehicle of its kind, aimed at revolutionizing pizza delivery. The result of a design competition, the DXP heralds a new era of specialized production vehicles.

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Rally Fighter

Recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records as “The World’s First Co-Created Production Car,” The Rally Fighter was launched by Local Motors in 2009. The Rally Fighter was a purpose-built off-road vehicle that combined the amenities and luxuries of an everyday driver. 

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In July of 2013, a Local Motors mechanical engineer posted a project for “LM Drift Trike!” and thus was born the Local Motors Verrado. A hub motor was added to a production downhill trike along with a disc brake to provide the right amount of acceleration and braking for drifting on a flat paved surface.

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The winner of our Project Redacted challenge in 2015, Swim was designed by Kevin Lo. The entry showcased the many benefits of Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM), including the ability to create a completely customizable vehicle. 

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The world’s first 3D-printed car, the Local Motors Strati, demonstrates the power of using direct digital manufacturing (DDM) + the Factory of the Future to disrupt the manufacturing and auto world as we know it. The Strati was the result of a challenge posted in April 2014, “3D Printed Car Design Challenge”, where Michele Anoe’s submission was chosen as the winner from over 200 submissions.

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In the Summer of 2013, we explored entering motorized bicycle mobility. Originally called the Ariel Cruiser, the Cruiser was designed by Ian is Vasilatos and was the winning entry in our open design project. The pre-production Cruiser was truly a handcrafted work of art and was unveiled at the SEMA show in 2014.

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The Racer is a highly customized Harley Sportster 1200, with styling inspired by 1970’s formula 1 race cars. Started with a design challenge Local Motors ran with the Del Prado brothers of DP Customs in March of 2013, the winning design was the Martini Racer from Andre Costa.

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Local Motors’ second Co-Created vehicle was developed in partnership with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The XC2V was designed to meet two missions: 1. Combat reconnaissance and 2. Combat delivery & evacuation.

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Berlino 3.0

Designed by Edgar Sarmiento, Berlino 3.0 is the result of a the Urban Mobility Challenge: Berlin 2030. Berlino 3.0 was then developed by Local Motors into Olli.

A community of 186,883 of the world’s greatest problem solvers.

Get to know our digital micro-manufacturing division.

Local Motors is a digital OEM, capable of micro-manufacturing, sales, service and operations all from a local footprint using a microfactory – which can be distributed to major customer centers across the globe. Our designs and products come pre-vetted to be user-centric from the team at Launch Forth. Local Motors’ goal is to deliver on driving the future – not just what drives you in the future.

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Olli: The Autonomous Shuttle

Olli is a low speed, cognitive, self-driving, shuttle designed by the Local Motors Community to disrupt and improve the experience of last mile mobility.

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Our end goal is nothing short of a complete, global mobility overhaul.

We produce flexible solutions for any mobility preference

In the future, we can solve problems across many industries… but more on that later.

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